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Nick: jkl1
Email: nem publikus
Weboldal: http://bé :)
Bemutatkozás: "hello, my name is Johnny" I've got dual personality: usually, I show my nice, positive side, but rarely, the devil gets out from me 8-) my main job is peas rounder craftman and I'm a duty idler in my free time :D otherwise, nothing special..... I like/love: rock music, (bass) guitar, horrors, thrillers, comedies, porno :), pc, dvd, hd, football, sex (as activity)....and of course, my sweetheart! :-) uhh, before I favourite pornstars: Shyla Stylez ("the fair goddess"), Eva Angelina ("the brown amazon") and Audrey Bitoni ("the black wild cat") ;-) e-mail: notpublic@(f)email.kom :DD ....and "get out there, grab a bike and show this city how pissed you are!"! :-))) Johnny K. ps.: "when I grow up, there will be a day, when everybody has to do what I say......." ......and, of course..... "I'm not a trendy asshole I do what I what, I do what I feel like......" have a nice day/life! ;)
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