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Knock Out Competition : 24 Team Format

Following the completion of the pool games in the 24 team format, teams are re-seeded and divided into three groups of eight as follows :

Cup (Melrose Cup)
Winner A - 1st
Winner B - 2nd
Winner C - 3rd
Winner D - 4th
Winner E - 5th
Winner F - 6th
Best 2nd place - 7th
2nd Best 2nd place - 8th

3rd best 2nd place - 9th
4th best 2nd place - 10th
5th best 2nd place - 11th
6th best 2nd place - 12th
Best 3rd place - 13th
2nd best 3rd place - 14th
3rd best 3rd place - 15th
4th best 3rd place - 16th

5th best 3rd place - 17th
6th best 3rd place - 18th
Best 4th place - 19th
2nd best 4th place - 20th
3rd best 4th place - 21st
4th best 4th place - 22nd
5th best 4th place - 23rd
6th best 4th place - 24th

Teams play each other in their pool as follows and thereafter semi-finals and finals in each pool.

Cup (Melrose Cup title)
1st plays 8th
2nd plays 7th
3rd plays 6th
4th plays 5th

9th plays 16th
10th plays 15th
11th plays 14th
12th plays 13th

17th plays 24th
18th plays 23rd
19th plays 22nd
20th plays 21st