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Reaction RWC 2011 Draw - Bernard Lapasset
(RUGBYWORLDCUP.COM) Monday 1 December 2008

Bernard Lapasset gives his reaction to the RWC 2011 Pool Allocation Draw.

Bernard Lapasset, Rugby World Cup Chairman

“That was a big draw and a very good one because the four pools are all very balanced. It will be an interesting tournament from the first day to the last day and it will be a big, big event and I am sure that people will be interested in every game at the tournament.

“We [France] have never had a pool with New Zealand so it’s the first time and it will be a very interesting game, especially if New Zealand decide to make it the opening game. That would be a fantastic event for the tournament and it’s an interesting possibility.

“Having the four top ranked sides is very good to balance each pool. England and Scotland will be another interesting game.

“We think that the progress in each country is very important. We have more efficiency and that is important for Rugby and we are creating the capacity for the competition, for the coaches and for the players to promote the competition.