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Márciusban IRB 7 rendez egy Konkrét VB-t is megint Dubaiban. NŐI csapatokkal is párhuzamosan. A győztes nem pontokat kap hanem konkrétan VB aranyért játszanak majd.


Coalter: Dubai games will impress IOC officials

International Olympic Committee officials were said to have kept an eye on the Dubai Sevens and are expected here once again when the IRB Sevens Rugby World Cup comes to town in March. The news, however, doesn't bother IRB Rugby 7s Tournament Director Beth Coalter, who is confident that rugby and Dubai can mix and, moreover, impress.

Coalter told Gulf News, how the IRB plan to win an Olympic berth for the Sevens game and Dubai's role in guaranteeing success.

Any progress on securing an Olympic spot?

Quite a lot of meetings and presentations need to be made. I am personally not the one working on that, but our chairman and CEO are going through that process. They've had meetings in Lausanne earlier this month and October 9, 2009 will be the date when a decision is made in Copenhagen and between now and then IOC will send its officials to take a look at what's happening around the world.

I don't know how many will be coming, but they'll be here during the Rugby World Cup and they'll see men and women playing and make their decision.

Anything special planned during tournaments this year to get IOC officials excited?

We have the spectacular 7s Series and the Rugby World Cup happening here in Dubai in March, what else would they need to be convinced that the sport could work well within the Olympic set-up. The crowds, the colour, is here for them to see and make up their mind.

What would it mean to have the Sevens game incorporated in the Olympic schedule?

The officials have seen what goes on behind the scenes at a Sevens tournament. The kind of facilities that are required, the training that goes on and the anti-doping measures that are in place. It would be great because the game would grow well beyond anyone's imagination once it acquires Olympic status.

What is your opinion of The Sevens, the Emirates Airlines Dubai Rugby 7s new home?

Dubai is a key tournament on the sevens circuit and it's amazing to see what this place can do. The new venue has in a way managed to retain its history because it is much like the old facility. I really think it is one of the best facilities around the world. I wasn't here in May, but I was told there was sand and now the pitch looks green and just great for action. I'm sure next year's Sevens World Cup will be an event to remember.

If there's one word you'd use to describe The Sevens, what would that be?

Impressive!I was really impressed with the new facility and just wanted to see how it was going to be. Not just for this region, but for the whole world. It's a fantastic legacy that they have here.

You've spoken of the Sevens game within the Pan-American Games and the All African Games setup, do you see a Sevens event at a Pan Arab tournament?

What has happened is because of the qualifying tournaments this year, we've had tournaments being held in the region and we've also felt the need to have more tournaments. That [Pan Arab] tournament would be great as we have a regional development manager here. We've got unions that are looking after the game here as well and through them you never know we could have something like that soon.