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A Royal Festival Hallban bemutatott musora:

'Girl Don't Tell Me'
'Dance Dance Dance'
'Salt Lake City'
'Catch A Wave'
'Then I Kissed Her'
'In My Room'
'Do You Wanna Dance?'
'When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)'
'She Knows Me Too Well'
'I'd Love Just Once To See You'
'Do It Again'
'Please Let Me Wonder'
'California Girls'
'Sloop John B'
'Wouldn't It Be Nice'
'God Only Knows'
'Heroes And Villains'
'Good Vibrations'

That Lucky Old Sun:
'Morning Beat'/'Good Kind Of Love'/'Forever You'll Be My Surfer Girl'/'Mexican Girl'/'California Role'/'Oxygen To The Brain'/'Midnight's Another Day'/'Going Home'/'Southern California'

'Johnny B Goode'
'I Get Around'
'Help Me Rhonda'
'Barbara Ann'
'Surfin' USA'
'Fun Fun Fun'

2nd encore:
'She's Leaving Home'

Es az I Know There's An Answer hol marad, dilis venember?