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Egy érdekes könyv, amely az indiai börtönökbe és az ottani körülményekbe nyújt bepillantást. Magyarul úgy tudom nem jelent meg, ezért angolul tudóknak ajánlom:


Penguin Books

Mary Tyler: My Years in an Indian Prison


(Mary Tyler was born in Tilbury, Essex, in 1943. She graduated in Modern Languages from King's College, University of London, in 1965. After working as a bookshop manageress, teacher and translator, she left for India in December 1969 to visit Amalendu Sen, a Bengali engineer whom she had met in West Germany, and whom she married in April 1970. In May of the same year they were both arrested on a variety of charges which included conspiracy to overthrow the Indian government. After more than five years spent in Bihar prisons awaiting trial, the charges against Mary Tyler were suddenly withdrawn. She was deported from India but Amalendu Sen remained in detention. Since returning to Britain, she has given many talks in several countries and has written a number of articles about the political situation in contemporary India.)