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A little hard to believe, but it's a fact: Fiat cars has recently won a long term reliability test done by "Automotor and Sport" magazine. (Auto Motor Und Sport)
The test was conducted for 3 years - from 1995 untill 1998 - and it's surprising results were published in the February issue. The resaults rated the Fiat Bravo and Fiat Brava in First place, with 89.5% of this model not entering the garage for repairs.
In second place came the Mazda cars - 86.1% of it's models didn't enter the garage. And the Mercedes SL together with the Toyota Carina took the bronze medal with a score of 85.5%. By the way, the last place in the reliability test was taken by the Crysler Voyager with 36.5% of the models needing repairs.