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Equatorial Guinea

Date of birth: 31 May 1978

Highlights: The Sydney Olympic Games are MOUSSAMBANI's first international event and the first time he has been out of his country.

Sports at national level: Basketball just for fun.

Why this sport: I started swimming only in this January, and I have never swam 100m before. I didn't want to swim 100m but my coach told me that I should do it anyway, I thought it was too much, but I made it.

Ambitions: I just finished high school, but I want to go on to do science at university.

General interests: Carried the flag for his nation's delegation in the Opening Ceremony for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. I only carried the flag because they needed a small swimmer to do it, and nobody knew who I was. But now, when I go home, everyone will know.

On whether his family knows about his 100m Freestyle race: My family doesn't know anything yet and I am not going to tell them anything until they see me on the TV tomorrow, it is night in my country right now.

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