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Regen jartam erre... Szoval a lenyeg :) Olvasgattam Therion interjut. Pontosabban Christopher Johnsson interjut (o a frontember). A lenyeg az hogy o benne van egy Dragon Rouge nevu valamiben.
"I know that you in some kind involved with organization called «The Inner Circle Of Dragon Rouge»... Does it have
anything to do with satanism? What is your goal with this movement?

- It's called Dragon Rouge and it's an occult organization that anyone can join. Then there is an inner circle
inside of this organization which is more like a closed magickal order. It is not connected with satanism, as:
A. Satanism is religion and we are not religious
B. Satanism is usually not offering any advanced views on magick (if any at all).
C. Satanism is a creation based on its opposite - christianity, which is a very young religion. We work with
forces from MUCH earlier times than christianity. Also, why even bother about such a distorted tradition as the
christian, and further; why bother to follow an opposite from it? Satanism is also a typical western society
thing. We use the traditions from all over the planet.
Dragon Rouge, who has about 500 members in Sweden, is one of the few organizations that exercises a genuine work
with the dark side of magic - a system that is working to strengthen the individuals personal power and to
develope the, what is called, parapsychological qualities. The principal symbol from the order is the red dragon
who represents the primordial life-force of man. Through special meditation techniques and ceremonies, we are
working to get in contact with this force, in order to by that reach the possibility to a full control over our
life situation.
Dragon Rouge study all occult sciences that gives a richer knowledge about the dark magick, i.e. Quabalah,
Alchemy, Tantrism, and Enochian magick. We also study the works of philosophers like Heraclitus and Nietzsche. The
practical works of the order consists of various rituals and magical techniques that can open the parts the ego
that is hidden. We work with i.e. controlling dreams (lucid dreaming) and astral (out-of body) travel. Dragon
Rouge have various lodges and ritual groups around all the country of Sweden as well as one in Norway. We also
have special sections that focus on Voodoo and Yezidi magick, Vril and Necronomicon. "

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