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Ez fog belekerülni, cak persze részletesen és angol nyelven elemezve a többi ateista dogma is.


Atheism, philosophy? I think so, since there are atheist philosophers and atheist philosophical books. If it is, then the characteristic "teachings" of atheism can be investigated.


With philosophical and scientific exploratory / research work, so far, I have found the following errors in reasoning, typical of atheism and atheists, which I quote from them:

  1. "God does not exist" (mono-atheism)
  2. "Atheists don't believe in God or gods. That's all."
  3. "God is clearly outside the scope of science. It can neither be proven nor disproved."
  4. "Atheism is not a faith, therefore it has no dogmas."
  5. "Agnosticism is a branch of atheism. Weak atheism"
  6. "There is no God of any kind" (poly-atheism)
  7. "God is an unfalsifiable and completely untestable thing"
  8. "irreligious = atheist"
  9. "Atheism is like non-stamp collecting. Therefore, it cannot have dogmas"
  10. "Atheism is a religion? Then with so much power, health is a disease!"
  11. "If you don't believe in God, there is no other option, then you are an atheist."
  12. "There is no God" ... but someone else has to prove that there is.
  13. "Atheism is the lack of faith in God."
  14. "belief: Personal belief about a person, community, doctrine, principle, religion."
  15. "Everyone is born an atheist"

I do not intend this particular revelation as an insult, but rather as an eye-opener. So, according to the rules of good reasoning, I will go through it point by point and explain and prove why. I am open to criticism and debate on the issue. I will analyze the first point here. The rest, later:


1."God does not exist". Reality: There are many, many Gods. Aten, Horus, Mithras, Dionysus, Attis, Krishna, Vishnu, Baal, Odin, Wotan, Borvo, Yahweh, Marduk, Allah, Rhe, Zeus, Shiva, Dyḗus, Ahura Mazda, Manitou the Great, srb. Atheists treat both "God" and "existence" incorrectly. There are many more Gods because they are invented by people. They are not real, but that makes them, like Snow White, exist as literary and fairy-tale figures.









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