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"About a month ago, I switched my avodart dosage from .5 mg per day to 1mg Monday, 1mg Wed and 1.5mg on Friday. Dutasteride has a non-linear elimination curve meaning the more you take at once, the longer the half life. At a dose of only 0.1 mg/day, the half-life is only around two or three days while at .5 mg it is 4-5 weeks. For this reason, my doctor suggested that 2 pills taken twice a week may be as effective (or more), than 1 pill per day. I am hoping for a little more powerful response going 3 times per week at 2-2-3 as I had read from Dr. Shapiro online that when switching from finasteride to dutasteride, to see renewed effectiveness, you would probably need to be at the 1mg per day dosage level………but this is just all educated speculation.”