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A court in Portugal has penalized Easyjet 125,000 Euros for failing to compensate a passenger the value of 250 Euros because of a canceled flight due to weather delays. ... passageira
This article is in Portuguese only but I'll re-cap.

- Flight LIS-NTE diverts due to weather in Nantes. The return flight, NTE-LIS is canceled.
- That plane was supposed to operate LIS-MAD but since it never returned from Nantes there's no aircraft to operate the flight so LIS-MAD is also canceled.
- Passenger requests compensation for canceled flight. Easyjet refuses claiming the cancellation was weather related.
- Passenger files a complaint. Court rules that since there was no bad weather event either in LIS or MAD that Easyjet can't claim the bad weather in Nantes as a valid excuse.

LIS-NTE kiterozik a Nantes-i idojaras miatt, a visszautat torlik, utasunk LIS-MAD-jat ugyanaz a gep repulne, ami kiteron rohad. Legitarsaag nem fizet, birosag bokanrugja oket 125k euro ertekben. Indoklas: sem Liszabondban, sem Madridban nem volt szar ido, igy nem volt vis major ok a torlesre.

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