Ad Now Creative Commons License 2016.07.07 0 0 215 – a new alternative to Google Adsense and Google Adwords with fewer restrictions 


Hello, we would like to present you a new international advertisement network Our company specializes in teaser online advertising and we buy traffic from all the countries.


We pay 0.02$ per click for the male and 0.03$ per click for the mixed or female traffic (given that the clicks are valid, and not inflated either manually or via malicious software). Payments are formed each Friday and it may take up to 3 weeks from the date that your payment is formed until the date it is completed (the date stated in your account alongside with the word “Paid’ is the date we issue the order to the mass payment company to send you the money; to that date you should add up to 3 weeks).


Our banners have the highest CTR when they are placed just beneath the articles with double row of icons (4 horizontally & 2 vertically). Usually, such banners have 2-5% CTR, which means, that with one such banner you may get additional 30-150$ for every 100 000 views (since you do not have to remove other ads you may have).


For the websites with monthly number of views starting from 500 000 and more, according to Google Analytics, we also offer an alternative of working with us on CPM bases (that is being paid for views, rather than clicks) and prepayment of monthly number of views. In such a case you either place our banner on your site for a few days, and based on the daily number of impressions we prepay you a monthly number of views, or prior to placing our banner we prepay you at first a weekly number of impressions, based on Google Analytics statistics, and then a monthly number of views, based on statistics of our banner shows.


The methods of withdrawing your earnings from our system are the following:

· Payoneer & Webmoney – from 20$ (with a 5% fee)

· Paypal – from 50$ (with a fee for transferring funds around 5%)

· Wire Transfer – from 200$ (transfer to bank account with a fixed 25$ fee)

· eCheck/Local Bank Transfer – от 200$ (transfer to bank account with a fixed 12$ fee; may last 2 days longer than a usual Wire Transfer)


From 11th of July till 11th of August 2016 our company will run a Webmasters Contest in which 10 webmasters with the highest score will win:

1st place: MacBook Air

2nd place: iPhone6

3rd place: iPad mini

4-5th places: Apple Watch

6-10th places: iPod Shuffle


To participate in the contest copy your referral link from the “Referral Link” menu of your account on our site (for that you should be registered in our system), share it among your friends and post it on as many forums and social networks you can.


If someone signs up on our website using your referral link and delivers 1 000 shows of our banner, you will get 10 points and 1 more point for each 100 000 shows of our banner delivered by your referral (given that the number of impressions will not be inflated either manually or via malicious software).


Even if you will not make it to the Top-10, you will continue to receive 5% upon all the profit made by your referrals (e.g. if your referrals will earn with us 1 000$ a month, you will be getting additional 50$).


As for a fewer restrictions in comparison to Google Adsense, we do not block websites for a light erotic content (porn sites though are not accepted) nor we discontinue cooperation with webmasters caught cheating, if webmaster adds a new site to the system and decides to work honestly. Also, we accept websites from newbies – no need to wait for 3 month in order to your site to be accepted and start bringing you profit.


You may advertise your own products and services via our self-serve native ads buying platform as well, since we have a monthly capacity of 4B impressions around the world and near 100M impressions in Hungary.


Best regards, support team of