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"BRITISH RIVER GUNBOATS - The Royal Navy had several classes of river gunboat, two of which appear with the names of fowl and insects (oddly enough, the Insect Class was comprised of ships much larger than the Fowl Class). The Fowl Class gunboats were shipped in pieces to China and re-assembled as none of them could have survived the trip by sea. On the other hand, the Insect Class gunboats were found to be quite seaworthy and all of these ships either steamed, or were towed, to China."

"The dozen larger vessels were earmarked for service on the Danube to oppose a fleet of Austro-Hungarian warships (allied to Germany). These were also given the names of insects. Designed by Yarrow they bore the names Aphis and Bee, constructed by the Ailsa Shipbuilding Company, Cicala, Cricket, Cockchafer and Glowworm by Messrs Barclay Curle of Glasgow, Gnat and Ladybird by Messrs Lobnitz of Renfrew, Mantis and Moth by the Sunderland shipbuilding Company and Scarab and Tarantula by Messrs Wood, Skinner and Company Ltd.

According to A Cecil Hampshire, the Author of “Armed with Stings” an interesting feature common to all twenty four ships was that they could be taken to pieces, shipped out in crates to their area of operations and there reassembled. The Insect Class were to be towed by sea to the port of Salonica, Macedonia in Northern Greece where they would be stripped down and transported piecemeal by rail to Belgrade, Serbia."

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