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Kinek volt Failsafe engine mode? Mit csináltatok vele? Mitől van? Mennyire lehet így közlekedni?
Én a fojtószelepen kívül ezeket találtam:

- There are two frequent causes of "Engine Fail Safe" alerts and I've had them both. Brake light switch on the brake pedal; I just installed the third new switch. The other cause is a fracture of a plastic tee in the vacuum lines. The tee is just aft and outboard of the Throttle Body. You didn't mention that the alert occurs ONLY when using cruise control, and when alerted cancels cruise control, bothersome on a long trip. I depend on CC for 'blue light behind' avoidance.

- The problem is one of your ABS sensor wires is failing. You can get two cables from Coventry West for $120. It takes ten minutes per wheel to replace the cables.