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"I have been speaking of the Croatians as an unequivocally Slavonic people, and this is the generally received doctrine. I believe, however, that it is not a strictly correct view. Before the tenth century the legend had arisen that the Croatians came to their new abodes from the land of White Croatia under the leadership of five brothers, Klukas, Lobel, Cosentzes, Muchlo, Chrobatos, and two sisters, Buga and Tuga. This Croatian legend has a strong family resemblance to the Bulgarian legend of Krobat (or Kubrat) and his five sons ... and I think we can hardly hesitate to suppose that Krobat and Chrobatos are the same prehistorical hero of the Hunnic nation to which the various closely related tribes of the Bulgarians, Cotrigurs, and Onogundurs belonged. If this be a true view, the name Croatia is not Slavonic, and, as a matter of fact, no probable Slavonic explanation of it has ever been suggested." (Bury i.m. 275–6.)

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