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Könnyen lehet hogy veszélyesebb lesz mint valaha. :-)

Főleg hogy ilyen gyalázatos módon ölték meg. Ezzel is csak maguk alatt vágták a fát a "patkányok".





cam-guy - drink water. Your dad days are gone! And dont worry about your wounds, we'd soon have 'surgury on you'.

MUSTASIM - these WOUNDS are MEDALS to me. Am not afraid of you! What are u, nothing but teenagers, and dont know what u are talking about.

Cam-guy - Come listen to this guy, he's talk like a brave man.

MUSTASIM - listen, what's your name ( Like u question a bad officer), u people are not brave, u should go do something else.

Cam-guy - Now u want to be a HERO to the last minute huh?

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