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Reaction RWC 2011 Draw - Bernard Lapasset
(RUGBYWORLDCUP.COM) Monday 1 December 2008

Bernard Lapasset gives his reaction to the RWC 2011 Pool Allocation Draw.

Bernard Lapasset, Rugby World Cup Chairman

“That was a big draw and a very good one because the four pools are all very balanced. It will be an interesting tournament from the first day to the last day and it will be a big, big event and I am sure that people will be interested in every game at the tournament.

“We [France] have never had a pool with New Zealand so it’s the first time and it will be a very interesting game, especially if New Zealand decide to make it the opening game. That would be a fantastic event for the tournament and it’s an interesting possibility.

“Having the four top ranked sides is very good to balance each pool. England and Scotland will be another interesting game.

“We think that the progress in each country is very important. We have more efficiency and that is important for Rugby and we are creating the capacity for the competition, for the coaches and for the players to promote the competition.
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meg is van>

2011 Rugby World Cup draw:

Pool A - New Zealand, France, Tonga, Americas 1, Asia 1

Pool B - Argentina, England, Scotland, Europe 1, play-off winner

Pool C - Australia, Ireland, Italy, Europe 2, Americas 2

Pool D - South Africa, Wales, Fiji, Oceania 1, Africa 1


francio/nz+ usa
fiji-samoa /tonga stb

mindenki azt kapta amit akart ?
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IRB ranglista nov 30: *(Wales megelozhette volna argentinat, ha 15p nyer ausz ellen a hetvegen)

1 New Zealand
2 South Africa
3 Australia
4 Argentina
5 Wales
6 England
7 France
8 Ireland
9 Scotland
10 Fiji
11 Italy
12 Tonga


2011 Rugby World Cup draw:

1- New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Argentina.

2 - Wales, England, France, Ireland.

3 - Scotland, Fiji, Italy, Tonga.

4 - Oceania 1, Europe 1, Europe 2, Americas 1.

5- Africa 1, Asia 1, Americas 2, Play-off winners.

Nations await 2011 World Cup draw
Rugby World Cup trophy

England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland will all face stiff southern hemisphere opposition when the draw for the 2011 Rugby World Cup is made on Monday.

Wales' win over Australia lifted them to fifth place in the world rankings, with England dropping to sixth.

The top four in the rankings - New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Argentina - will be top seeds in each of the four pools in New Zealand.

The draw for allocating the pools will take place in London at 1500 GMT.

Ireland and France are in the second tier, with Scotland in the third group.

That means Frank Hadden's Scotland side, who finished the November internationals ranked ninth in the world, will have two of the world's top eight teams in their group.

Warren Gatland's Wales could have moved into the top four, and avoided one of the Tri-Nations giants in New Zealand, if they had beaten Australia by more than 15 points on Saturday.

The draw is very important because from there we can develop the match schedule, select base camps and develop the ticketing strategy

RWC 2011 boss Kit McConnell
In the end the Welsh ran out 21-18 winners to leapfrog England, who completed a whitewash at the hands of the Tri-Nations sides as they went down 32-6 to New Zealand at Twickenham.

Wales second row Alun Wyn Jones was philosophical about not making the top four.

"We know that if we had beaten Australia by 15 points that would have done us a world of good in the seedings," he told BBC Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek programme.

"But knowing that we can pit ourselves against the best as we have done, and had 50% of the game against the All Blacks [the previous Saturday], means we will have all confidence going into the World Cup whoever we are drawn against."

If England, under new boss Martin Johnson, had defeated New Zealand they would have moved above Argentina into fourth.

Kit McConnell, head of Rugby World Cup 2011, defended the decision to conduct the draw three years before the tournament takes place.

"The draw is very important for us because from there we can develop the match schedule, we can select team base camps and we can also develop the ticketing strategy for the tournament," explained McConnell.

"Those three elements are really critical to putting the building blocks in place early enough to make 2011 the same success as we saw in France (2007).

"By having certainty about which teams are playing which other teams in each pool, we can develop the match schedule.

"That is obviously of critical importance to the teams and also the supporters to know who is playing which other teams when, and where, and we will be announcing that in March, so that is really the next key step in the tournament preparations."

As in 2007, there will be four pools of five teams, with the top three positions in each pool filled by the 12 pre-qualified teams from the last World Cup - the top three from each of the four groups in France.

Those 12 are Argentina, Australia, England, Fiji, France, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Tonga and Wales.

The IRB rankings determined which seeding band the countries find themselves in, with one-to-four in the rankings forming the top band, five-to-eight the second tier, and nine-to-12 the third.

The final two bands will be filled by teams who have fought their way through qualification competitions taking place around the world.

Band four will be composed of the top qualifier from the Americas, the top two teams from European qualification and the leading team from the Oceania competition.

The final band will be made up of the teams which finish top of qualifying in Africa and Asia, the second American team and the winner of a play-off involving teams which had missed out in their respective regional qualifiers.

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Sorsolás December 1 online:

RWC 2011 Draw streamed live
(RUGBYWORLDCUP.COM) Monday 17 November 2008

RWC 2011 Draw streamed live
An artist's impression of how the Ball will look

The Rugby World Cup 2011 Pool Allocation Draw, which takes place in London on 1 December 2008, will be shown live on from 15:00 UK time.RUGBYWORLDCUP.COM
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Mallard meg kapaszkodna a szekbe de veszett fejsze:

Mallard looks to World Cup for salvation
By TIM DONOGHUE - Independent Financial Review | Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Beleaguered Sports Minister Trevor Mallard has told parliamentary colleagues he is the only minister in Cabinet capable of leading Labour in its hosting role of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

Political insiders say Mallard, who punched National MP Tau Henare in Parliament's lobby last Wednesday, has been unrepentant in his dealings with Prime Minister Helen Clark in the build-up to this week's Cabinet reshuffle announcement.

But colleagues who have spoken to Mallard say the macho man is far from repentant over the punch that sent Henare to the floor.
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ha ha.

emlegetett szamar :)

Mallard a 2011 vb-vel megbizott miniszter, rettenetes pofozkodasba kezdett a parlamenti folyoson....

egy het alatt ""seggbe" rugtak. most majd valszeg a stadion ugyben is bepuhul a kabinet.

ugye az az egeszsegugyi miniszter kapta a vb-s temat, aki epp mostanaban csokkentette a vizitdijat is. Igy aukclandban varhatoan az uj polgarmester zold utat fog kapni barmihez.
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tudom, azé kell vele lassan, érthetően beszélni :)
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hoppaaa del-afrikai:-)
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(ja bocs, osszekevertelek "hoppaaaval", azert voltam szajbaragos :)
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operating surplus illetve cash surplus... (ha most ez fontos)
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Ez eleg vicces, mert tomegkozlekedes nincs, meg persze parkolo sem.. Egyszer meg is buntettek:-(

A kormany meg nem 2.6, hanem tobb mint 8 milliard tobbleten ul, ha jol remlik.

A tengerpartra tehetnek igazan a stadiont, mert eleg hanyas modon nez ki a teherkikoto meg a tartalyfarm a belvarosi reszen..

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Amúgy jó kérdés.

NZ most voltak helyközi választások, és új Aucklandi polgármester többek között azzal programolt hogy Auckland nem akar hozzájárulni a felujitáshoz amikor NZ kormány 2.6 miliárd költségvetési többleten ül.

A történethez tartozik hogy 1miliárdért teljesen új stadion épülheten a rakparton amit a kormány akart, de azt az auklandiak nem támogatták eléggé.

kötélhúzás folyik...

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Felujitas utan:

legujabb valtozat.
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Aucklandban, az Éden Park Stadionban részletesen itt:

de ha ott sokat akadékoskodnak a felujitás körül elvihetik Christchurch-be.
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Melyik stadi0nban?
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A csapatok száma 16 vagy 2O még kétes, ugyanugy a lebonyolitas menete.

Egy biztos, mához 4 évre pontosan ilyenkor lesz a döntő:

Final date for RWC 2011 revealed (
The final of Rugby World Cup 2011 will be held during Labour Weekend of that year (October 22-23), it was announced.
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The Future Begins :)))

Ha kedveled azért, ha nem azért nyomj egy lájkot a Fórumért!