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[Venicecard, rolling]
The membership card costs € 4 and entitles the member to incomparable discounts. Just an example:
the 72-hour ticket good on all the Venice, Mestre and Lido water and road transportation lines can be purchased at € 18,00 instead of € 31,00.

Moreover, Rolling VENICEcard holders benefit from the same discounts of VENICEcard Junior.

Rolling VENICEcard terms of use 2007/2008:

* Rolling VENICEcard can be purchased only in Venice;
* Cardholders can benefit from reductions in associated restaurants and caf?s showing the card before asking for the bill;
* Discounts are not eligible during sales;
* Cardholders can benefit from reductions in associated hotels, lodgings and hostels showing the card during the reservation;
* Cardholders must produce further means of identification, since the card is not provided with a photograph of the owner;
* in case of discounted public transport ticket purchase, cardholders must write the Rolling VENICEcard number on the back of the ticket;
* Cardholders only are eligible for discounts.


Ha jól értem, akkor 4 euroért kapok egy ilyen kártyát, amivel 3 napos bérletet 31 helyett 18 euroért tudok megvenni.
Kérdem én, hogy egy naposat mennyiért? Sajnos fenti címen nem találtam. Valaki, aki esetleg jobb angolból, valahol?